Born in New York, John Garrity is the quintessential renaissance man. He studied International Business at Union College and the University of Rennes, France, then spent almost a 20 year career in Aviation sales and marketing. By the time he was 40, John gave up his “wings” and embarked on a new adventure as a Real Estate Developer, working on a variety of projects along the East coast including Loft conversions, new home construction, and the renovation of historic properties.

With no formal training, John started painting in 1995 after a trip to China that changed his life. “I’m a completely self taught artist with a very unstructured approach at painting. Most of my work is done from the resources of memory and imagination. Working primarily with canvas and wood, most of my creations are a combination of passionate abstract and impressionistic images and movements.” After living and traveling extensively in South America, Europe, and Asia, his work has come to reflect his many years of adventure and spiritual exploration.