An introduction to the Artist, John Garrity

Lee McDonald

John Garrity was born in New York State.  There he spent his formative years in a small town whose Native American name literally means, “corn flats”.  This small community, the place he called home, encouraged self reliance, Yankee ingenuity and invention.  These roots also encouraged him to begin more formal training for a career in business.  He attended  Union College in New York, a liberal arts college with an independent history dating to the early years following the American Revolution and who’s second President was none other than Jonathan Edwards, Jr.  Garrity spent his third year in Rennes, France the capital of Brittany in a University setting dating to the middle ages and in a region known by Caesar as the home of an ancient Celtic people who began to use coinage in the first Century BCE, following the economic practices of Greece and Rome, but who continued to demand independence and autonomy.

After completing his degree in International Business he launched a life journey of exploration, self-reliance and innovation.  He continued as a life-time learner in an eighteen year career in the airline industry.  Vice President of Marketing, he traveled extensively in South America, Europe, Asia and was a consultant to the People’s Republic of China in expanding the airline industry in this large market.  China, Ecuador and Chile had significant impacts on him as a developing artist.  Here he expanded his palette with various cultural contexts that only such travels throughout the world can bring.

In one stream of consciousness in his artistic creations John uses impressions, intuition and primitive tribal expressions that he has absorbed as a part of his journey.  Perhaps this is why many connect to something that is palatable and authentic.  John himself believes that he can almost taste the flavor of color and image and he builds his expressions with layers of pigment, texture and shape through the filters of his own internal emotive landscapes.

Early in his life Garrity was drawn to sculptural form and enjoyed working in textures of wood and stone.  He had a natural eye for form, function and design and turned his talent into a successful career as a Real Estate Developer.  John is considered an outside artist as he has no formal art training in his chosen medium.

His art work is expressive and he paints in a way that gives voice to his own experimentation and adventures in life.  He interprets the reactive elements of order and emotion.  His style is non-derivative an original creation that many collectors around the world “get”.  He finds it rewarding when others connect to his work.   Many of his works are now in fine collections both in the United States and abroad.  When he begins a new work, he starts without a concrete concept in mind but allows the interaction of the paint, color, and form to interact with his own expressive sense of life and to give birth to something new.   His abstractions are new and he joins a solid history in this important contemporary art form with a unique presentation.