Maybe he finally wanted to play something other than middle

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replica handbags store Forecast: The summer’s can’t miss show. While everyone is focused on its big name stars, watch for Kitsch, who shone so brightly on TV’s Friday Night Lights, to be this season’s Cohle. As for Vaughn: HBO gambled on a man who hasn’t really taken a role that required him to actually act since 1996 (Swingers). Maybe he finally wanted to play something other than middle aged frat boys. Based on the non fiction book by Lily Koppel, this new ’60s drama follows the wives of America’s pioneering astronauts. The constant threat of tragedy and a giant public spotlight bind the seven women together. “This astronaut wives stuff, toughens you,” one explains. That’s hard to believe given the amount of laughter, smiles, fancy parties, parades and cocktails on display. But after watching True Detective, you’ll be glad someone on TV is actually having fun. replica handbags store

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